How To Make A Basketball Hoop?

Covid-19 has brought out the creative side in all of us. We’ve had to spend so much time at home that creating things has become second nature, especially when it’s fun games that we can play at home. That’s why we’re here with another one, teaching you how to make a basketball hoop! Hang this hoop anywhere you want, moving it around until you find the perfect spot to shoot, score, and win.


What You’ll Need

Before you start, gather up all that you’ll need. To make a hoop, find:

  • A wire hanger
  • A big piece of cardboard (you can cut up a box too!)
  • Some kind of tape (Making is best)
  • Markers and colors
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some shoestrings


Start Building

Now that you have all the stuff, it’s time to get to work! To make a basketball hoop, follow these six tips.

  1. Create A Circle

For this part, you need to be super careful, making sure you don’t poke or cut yourself. Unwind the hanger and curve it into a circular shape that will serve as the rim of your hoop. Be sure to leave the hook out.

  1. Shape up your Backboard

The cardboard or old box you found to use as your materials will serve as the backboard of your basketball goal. So, you can cut it and turn it into any shape you want. Square or rectangle is original but, the sky’s the limit, and you can create any design you want.

  1. Decorate!

Now that you have the main pieces, you can decorate using your markers and pens. Use any colors that you like and create a design that speaks to you. You can add drawings, pictures, stickers, anything you want.

  1. Put it Together

Using the tape, tape the cardboard and the hoop together. Make sure that it sticks and won’t fall so that you can throw a three-pointer without everything falling to the ground.

  1. Make a Net

The shoestrings that you were able to find makes a perfect net. All you’ll have to do is tie them together to make small diamond shapes, making it long and wide enough for the basketball to go through.

  1. Hang it Up

With your hoop all together and ready to go, it’s time to hang it up! Find a spot that’s open and has enough room for you to throw the ball without breaking anything. Maybe choose the hallway or something away from the dinner table just in case.


Time to Play!

Noe that you have your hoop, it’s time to enjoy it. Play alone or grab some friends, playing one on one, horse, or any of the other popular basketball games. Adding a hoop to your house or room is sure to bring you hours of fun, even if you’re stuck inside for longer than you’d like. Create a hoop and share the idea with friends, challenging one another to create the best one!