How to Make Basketball Shoes Sticky

As a basketballer, it becomes frustrating not to make an incredible turn to score to earn your team points ahead because you slipped. The grip is crucial in any basketball shoe despite the type of floor you play on. This is because it will help you stick to the ground allowing you to run, cut, and move the best way you can.

It is usual for soles to wear down quickly, depending on the quality. Still, they collect a lot of dirt when you play. Such factors can make you slide and slip or even fall to get an injury. This way, you will not be able to play well against your defense on the court.

In basketball, your shoes make all the difference in how you perform. But, how do you ensure your shoes remain sticky?



Usually, basketball shoes begin to lose traction over time because of the dirt they collect from the floor. That dirt layer that is barely noticeable makes the shoes slide on the hardwood floor, hence cleaning.

You can clean your basketball shoes in two methods to remove the layer for a more accessible grip despite how long you play. First, use a wet cloth and wipe out the dirt, ensuring it gets into the grooves. Also, ensure you use a little force to lift the dirt off the soles.

Also, you can opt to use a bristle brush with soapy water for deep cleaning. Scrubbing out the layer of dirt ensures thorough cleaning.


Grip Enhancers

Still, if you want to do more on top of the cleaning, use grip enhancers. You can use spray grip lotions to provide the tackiness you need for the game. This spray lotion will coat your sole for as long as you need.

Still, you can use sticky mats or pads to improve the grip. Usually, they are common in a gym setting. They sit on the side of the court, where you step on them during breaks before the game for adequate adhesion.

Both grip enhancers are for individual uses, but they will provide enough grip for your game. Better still, ensure you don’t use your basketball shoes outside the court, as they will cause you to slip after breaking the rubber grooves.


Grip in the Game

At times you will notice traction slipping away in the middle of your game. Do not panic. The best approach would be to wet the soles immediately not to lose your touch in the game. Therefore, use a damp rag and wipe off the soles.

Still, you can wet your hands and then wipe across the soles to make your shoes stick better. However, if there’s no time to maneuver to soaking your hands or grabbing a wet rag, use your saliva on your hand and wipe the bottom of your shoes.

Sounds gross, right? Well, you have to do what you need to ensure you are still standing tall in the game till you win; more like the end justifies the means.

Do not give up on your shoes because of the lost traction; instead, save from buying new shoes and work to make your current pair stick better.