How to Flare a Baseball Glove?

The game of baseball that started in the United Kingdom and became popular in the US has a rich history. It has also been a part of the Olympics games. The World Baseball Softball Confederation governs it. 

Let us learn a bit more about the game. 

Each team has nine members out of which one pitch at a time while another catcher, right behind the batter. Apart from these two, the seven other members spread out in the field. They are there to take catches in case the batter hits the ball in the air. As the batter hits the ball, they have to run among the bases. The number of bases covered is equal to the number of runs scored on one ball. The pitcher always has to pitch the ball from a mound that is in the center of the field and is slightly raised. There is a total of nine innings in a game and the team that scores the most runs wins. A batter can hit a home run if he can clear the safety fence. The batter gets three chances to hit the ball, failing which he gets a strikeout. 

To play a game of baseball, all you need is a ground, baseball bat, the baseball, gloves, a special helmet and sometimes catching gears. 

If you have heard about baseball a lot, you may have come across the term ‘flaring the baseball glove’. Let us find what does it mean and how to do one flare the baseball glove. 


How to Flare a Baseball Glove? 

Before going into how does one flares a baseball glove, it is important to know what flaring means. Flaring a baseball glove means to stretch out the thumb and little finger’s section on the glove a little. This makes a large web-like structure that helps in keeping the ball in hand once caught. While outfielders depend little on this technique, but most infielders like to have their gloves flared. For infielders, it helps them to take on the ball and not let it go. The reaction time for them is quite less, which is why this technique helps them field better and also take catches. 

Several companies sell glovers that are already flared. This helps save time. 

To flare your gloves, you need to put a little pressure on the thumb and little finger to open the web-like structure a bit. If you keep doing this, the gloves will get used to the structure and hold it for longer. Adding to this, you can also twist these two a little away from the usual structure of the glove. This will open it further and allow it to stay like this for longer. Many infielders have to keep doing this even while the game is going on. It is better to keep your gloves flared already than to do it in the field. This will not only save time but also not allow the gloves to keep their natural length again. To avoid inconvenience and delay, prefer buying gloves that are already flared. You should note that flaring is not considered cheating as the fielders only do a minor change in the gloves to catch the ball.