How Kids Can Stay Injury Free During CrossFit

CrossFit is the new movement in fitness. It is becoming popular because many CrossFit gyms are now being established. Like any form of fitness movement though, it can lead to potential injury for those who are not adequately prepared for it. Knowing what to would lead to a safe workout and minimize injury.

What To Do To Minimize Injury

The most obvious thing to do during CrossFit is the same as in any other workout: know first the exercises that are being used. That would mean either talking to a coach or else properly knowing what an exercise does.

Two of the exercises done in CrossFit are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, both of which are weightlifting movements. These movements are very technical movements that require a few months of study.

Many people have noted that those who join CrossFit boxes already do these movements with weights on. However, these movements can take from six months to a year to properly execute. It would be better to first start people off with no weights or else on a light weight and then perform the movements properly before using heavy weights.

Another criticism with CrossFit is that the movements are done at a fast pace. It can lead to injury over time. Two things are happening that can result in certain injury in CrossFit: one is that movements are done fast, and the other is the repetitive nature of these movements.

It is recommended that to minimize injury, knowing the movement must be the primary goal first. That would mean learning the movements and developing strict form. An example of an exercise in CrossFit is the Kipping pull-up.

The Kipping pull-up is an exercise that is done with speed in mind. However, beginners should first be able to do strict pullups before doing a Kipping pull-up. Some trainers engage people to go at once to Kipping pull-ups before they can even begin to master or do strict pull-ups, which would be a recipe for injury.

To minimize injury then, there must be knowledge of what must be done first. Speed should not be emphasized yet for those who are new to CrossFit, but an emphasis towards proper form must first be established. Only when the trainer sees that good form has been made can speed then be incorporated into it.

It also need not be said, but warming up before a workout is essential to minimize injury. Some people already go into an exercise program before even warming up, this can lead to a potential for injury to happen.

Safety is also needed in any workout program. Having the proper attire as well as safety equipment can minimize injury. That would mean wearing the proper CrossFit t-shirts, for instance. These CrossFit t-shirts should not impede or restrict movement but should allow for free movement in any exercise.

Safety equipment during workouts is wrist and knee wraps. These wraps are used especially while lifting weights. Wraps prevent the wrists and knees from bending too much, which can cause injury. The best wrist wraps for Crossfit of 2017 include those from Essential Fitness, Harbinger and Schiek.


Knowing what is being done during CrossFit and any other workout is essential in minimizing injury. Studying the movements with a trainer would help a lot. Without proper form, the chances of injury are greater. Good form should be emphasized first before anything else.

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