How Kids Can Stay Injury Free During CrossFit

CrossFit is the new movement in fitness. It is becoming popular because many CrossFit gyms are now being established. Like any form of fitness movement though, it can lead to potential injury for those who are not adequately prepared for it. Knowing what to would lead to a safe workout and minimize injury.

What To Do To Minimize Injury

The most obvious thing to do during CrossFit is the same as in any other workout: know first the exercises that are being used. That would mean either talking to a coach or else properly knowing what an exercise does.

Two of the exercises done in CrossFit are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, both of which are weightlifting movements. These movements are very technical movements that require a few months of study.

Many people have noted that those who join CrossFit boxes already do these movements with weights on. However, these movements can take from six months to a year to properly execute. It would be better to first start people off with no weights or else on a light weight and then perform the movements properly before using heavy weights.

Another criticism with CrossFit is that the movements are done at a fast pace. It can lead to injury over time. Two things are happening that can result in certain injury in CrossFit: one is that movements are done fast, and the other is the repetitive nature of these movements.

It is recommended that to minimize injury, knowing the movement must be the primary goal first. That would mean learning the movements and developing strict form. An example of an exercise in CrossFit is the Kipping pull-up.

The Kipping pull-up is an exercise that is done with speed in mind. However, beginners should first be able to do strict pullups before doing a Kipping pull-up. Some trainers engage people to go at once to Kipping pull-ups before they can even begin to master or do strict pull-ups, which would be a recipe for injury.

To minimize injury then, there must be knowledge of what must be done first. Speed should not be emphasized yet for those who are new to CrossFit, but an emphasis towards proper form must first be established. Only when the trainer sees that good form has been made can speed then be incorporated into it.

It also need not be said, but warming up before a workout is essential to minimize injury. Some people already go into an exercise program before even warming up, this can lead to a potential for injury to happen.

Safety is also needed in any workout program. Having the proper attire as well as safety equipment can minimize injury. That would mean wearing the proper CrossFit t-shirts, for instance. These CrossFit t-shirts should not impede or restrict movement but should allow for free movement in any exercise.

Safety equipment during workouts is wrist and knee wraps. These wraps are used especially while lifting weights. Wraps prevent the wrists and knees from bending too much, which can cause injury. The best wrist wraps for Crossfit of 2017 include those from Essential Fitness, Harbinger and Schiek.


Knowing what is being done during CrossFit and any other workout is essential in minimizing injury. Studying the movements with a trainer would help a lot. Without proper form, the chances of injury are greater. Good form should be emphasized first before anything else.

Ducks Top Predators

Anaheim had nothing going through the first 19 minutes of game 2 and they needed a spark in a big way. A goal by Sami Vatanen on the power play gave them the energy they needed and won 5 to 3, over the Nashville Predators.

Ryan Johansen and James Neal scored for the Predators in the first-period. Jakob Silfverberg tied the game at 2 for the Ducks in the second-period. Filip Forsberg gave the Predators the lead off a Viktor Arvidsson wrap-a-round miss.

Ondrej Kase tied the game at 3 with 9:19 remaining in the second-period. Nick Ritchie scored the game-winning goal with 2:53 remaining in the second for the Ducks. Antoine Vermette scored an empty-net goal with :44 seconds remaining in the game.

Pekka Rinne made 22 saves for the Predators. This is the first time in the playoffs Rinne has given up four goals in one game. John Gibson made 30 saves for the Ducks.

The series is tied at 1 and game 3 is on Tuesday Night in Nashville.

Who You Calling the GOAT?

Last night the New York Yankees retired the jersey number 2 and placed a plaque in Monument Park in honor of former captain Derek Jeter. Next stop Cooperstown.

That Derek Jeter is a first ballot Hall of Famer is undeniable. We all know about the hits (3465), 6th all time and the World Series rings (5). Of course, as we’ve been told it wasn’t about the stats with him. It was about the intangibles. Which works out well since statistically he doesn’t measure up. His name doesn’t belong anywhere near the Ruths, Aarons or Griffeys. The two least productive outcomes a batter can have are striking out and hitting into a double play. He is tied for 14th in strikeouts (1840) and 13th in double plays grounded into (287). He lead the league in hits twice and runs once. Other than that there is no black ink on his resume in any of the major offensive categories. And no MVPs.

Intangibles are the God argument. If you believe no amount of facts will change your mind. But, if there is takeaway from the years of accolades and adulation of Jeter it is how perception becomes reality.

There is the widely accepted belief that Jeter was an amazing teammate and leader. That he was unselfish. Only winning and the team mattered to him. But just because we have been told this for nearly 20 years, is it so? One man proves these beliefs to be untrue. That’s right Alex Rodriguez.

Prior to joining the Yankees Roger Clemens was a despised figure in the Yankee clubhouse for the number of times he drilled Yankee players. But when the Yankees got him in exchange for David Wells, Jeter welcomed him into the Yankee family.

When Jason Giambi & Andy Pettitte found themselves embroiled in PED controversy, Jeter stood by them. That is what you expect of a leader & teammate. Keeping everyone together for the greater good.

However when the Yankees brought Alex Rodriguez in did Jeter help ease him into the fold? When Rodriguez was dealing with the fallout from his (first) PED trouble, where was Jetes? He left Arod out to fend for himself. Did team first Derek offer to switch positions for the good of the team when they acquired a superior shortstop in Rodriguez? That’d be a no.

And why? Because years earlier Rodriguez dare to speak the truth. Saying in a GQ article that teams were never worried about Jeter beating them? The personal grudge against Arod was more important to the Captain then what would’ve been for the best of the team. Are these the actions of a great leader?

For years we were told how important winning was to Jeter. After the 4 titles in the first 5 years of his career the Yanks hit a dry spell. After Martinez & O’Neill were gone the atmosphere changed. The team took on Jeters tightass demeanor. In the seasons that followed when the Yankees failed to win it all, including the greatest choke it the history of sports to the hated Red Sox, all the blame fell on Arod. And during his struggles did Jeter ever say its not all on one guy? And when they did win in 2009 it was attributed to two things. One the heroics of Rodriguez. And the clubhouse culture becoming looser thanks to new acquisitions CC Sabathia & Nick Swisher. If Jeter was so influential why did the team chemistry need a shake up?

Another popular Jeter myth is how he never wanted things about him. Really? Was anyone else introduced by the deceased Bob Sheppard? Can you imagine the outrage if a certain teammate did that?

Then there was the retirement tour? Did a struggling and washed up Jeter ever attempt to make things easier on his manager and suggest dropping him in the lineup? Or not play him everyday? Sure you can say its not fair. That it is not the players responsibility. But I’m not the one who put him on this pedestal. You placed unrealistic and untrue virtues on him.

Sure it is easy brush these things off as the ramblings of a hater. Just remember it was his peers who according to Sports Illustrated polsl voted him the most overrated player in the game on a near yearly basis. These are also wealthy men who were living a simliar lifesytle, not a much of bitter Joe Sixpacks.

Less than 1.5% of major leaguers make it to the Hall of Fame. Derek Jeter will join that exclusive club shortly.

But the reality is he never was and never will be the Greatest Of All TIme.

Headed to the Midwest

Last weekend was a blast racing three and four wide at Talladega and we’re riding the wave of momentum from our first top-20 finish of the season. It has been a busy week, I spent Tuesday at the BK Racing shop as P.F. Chang’s catered lunch for everyone at for all their hard work. It’s now time to fly out for our next race and this weekend we’re racing in Kansas City at Kansas Speedway.

Kansas Speedway isn’t your typical mile and half oval, it’s only 16 years old but was repaved a few years back. This will be my first trip to Kansas so I’ve been watching a lot of film and leaning on a few buddies for tips on how to get around this place.

Kansas will be my first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series night race and I’m excited to see how the cars handle when the temperature cool down and the track speeds up. Make sure and watch the 400 Saturday on Fox Sports 1.

Will Lavar Ball Pull an Archie Manning?

The NBA Draft Lottery results are in and they go a little something like this:

1. Celtics (via Nets)

2. Lakers

3. Sixers (via Kings)

4. Suns

5. Kings (via Sixers)

6. Magic

7. Timberwolves

8. Knicks

9. Mavericks

10. Kings (via Pelicans)

11. Hornets

12. Pistons

13. Nuggets

14. Heat

Now the first thing I wanted to know is where the Los Angeles Lakers would be picking. Everyone’s favorite sports dad Lavar Ball has been saying for months now that he would like his son to play for the historic NBA franchise. And who could blame him. The Lakers are close to home, Magic is running the show and they have a team full of young players ready to grow together. The next thing I thought about is how far would Lavar go to secure his desire of his son wearing Purple and Gold. After all, there’s no telling what the Celtics may do if thy keep the pick. And if the Celtics do trade the pick, who knows what that team wants to do. The last thing to pop into my mind is the last parent that influenced where his son would play. That honor is reserved for the patriarch of the Manning quarterback clan; Mr. Archie Manning.

For those that may have forgotten, Eli Manning entered the 2004 NFL Draft as the consensus number one pick. The team with the top pick in that draft was the then San Diego Chargers (who had Drew Brees on their roster by the way). The story goes that Mr. Manning didn’t want his son to play in San Diego and informed the Chargers not to pick his son. The Chargers then took the fun route and let that information leak to the media. Looking back, Mr. Manning made the correct choice. The now Los Angeles Chargers have wasted the prime of many a player and have consistently failed to find success with Philip Rivers under center. Meanwhile, Eli Manning is sporting two Super Bowl rings and may even be able to win a third before he’s all done. This move by Archie Manning was a simple case of steering his son away from a dysfunctional organization and towards a functional one with a proven history like the New York Giants. Lavar Ball’s intentions (if he chooses to go the Archie Manning route) will be about Lavar and his vision. Now whether you think that vision is clouded by ego and overconfidence is irrelevant because people still tune in to hear him talk.

So will Lavar do it? Will he pull an Archie Manning? I wouldn’t be surprised if he did at this point. Given the choice of having his son remaining in town versus playing somewhere on the east coast or midwest, I’m sure he wants his son nearby. And Lonzo seems to be marching in lockstep with his father. So for now, just tune in and get ready for a laugh (or a cringe if you happen to hate Lavar Ball). I’ll go ahead and say it now: Lonzo Ball will be a Laker one way or another.

5 reasons as to why Physical exercise is a must

In today’s world where we are all doing so many unhealthy activities daily, like eating junk food, waking till late night etc we must add something good to our routine to feel happy about. One thing that we can do is Physical exercise.

What is physical exercise?

It is a physical activity that has to be done repetitively or regularly. It is not just a one day event. Physical exercise aims for a good mental and physical fitness.

There are many benefits of doing physical exercise on a regular basis. 5 most important benefits are mentioned below:

  1. It is good for your mental health.

A regular exercise helps you to improve your mental stability. Studies show that physical exercise actually makes a person fell free of stress and anxiety.

  1. It keeps you away from the diseases.

Exercise improves the functioning of your heart and other important organs. It helps you get rid of all the sluggishness and makes you feel fresh and light.

  1. It makes you look good.

If you are going to exercise daily then you will certainly gain an attractive body, free of obesity and diseases.

  1. It makes you feel good.

Once you start exercising and bring it in your routine then, you will start to enjoy it and its benefits. After exercising you will definitely feel better.

  1. It maintains your digestion.

Things are good until your stomach is good. An upset stomach is the main reason for your health problems. Exercising daily will make your digestion better and keep you healthy and strong.

So go ahead and start exercising today. You can start with anything, like a 15-minute walk in the park or playing a sport of your choice.

What Sports Teach Kids About Life

Did you know there’s so much more to sports than developing your child’s physical health?

Sports, apart from your children becoming physically healthy, helps in developing their mental health as well as their character. Check out these valuable lessons that they can learn in sports and why you, as parent, should support them in their love for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or any kind of sports.

What Sports Teach Kids About Life

What Sports Teach Kids About Life

  1. You can fail forward

While most of the time, at school, they are trained to not make mistakes and always aim for perfect scores, sports help them learn that in reality, we make mistakes. They are trained in the field to try and fail, and to try again and become better. In the academic world, they might be afraid to explore other things, because when they fail, it’ll be marked on their grades. However, in sports, that isn’t always the case. They are encouraged to try and to fail until they succeed, and thus they fail forward to become better at their skills. This is a skill that I learned from my dad when it came to hunting and using things like using the best survival knife or one of the top machetes out there, at first it was scary and I was no good but eventually I got good at it and became an expert in using them. 

  1. Become a leader

In youth sports, everyone on the team is given the chance to become a team leader. Tasks can be as small as leading a warm-up session or as huge as becoming the team leader in the game. Nonetheless, at a very young age, they can already exercise leadership and learn how to handle people.

  1. Become a follower

To become a follower is as important as to become a leader. One has to know how to submit to authority, listen and obey to their leaders. By having a coach, a child can learn to listen and follow instructions, to respect the one in authority, and to remain calm and patient when there are disagreements.

  1. Perseverance

Sports training is also about teaching kids they cannot always get what they want, that in order to achieve something, sometimes they need to achieve it the hard way. By wanting to win in a game or to master a skill, your child will develop hard work and perseverance, and this can become a habit that he can bring into other aspects of life.

  1. Controlling emotions

On a team, there can be disagreements from time to time. Sometimes, too, a game can become so heated, or they think that it’s becoming unfair and players can become impatient, frustrated, and impulsive, and this can affect their performance in the game. Kids are trained to control their emotions, keep their temper, and balance their sanity throughout the game.

Becoming a Well-Rounded Individual

Becoming a Well-Rounded Individual

With these lessons that they can learn sports can be beneficial to every child. It’s not just about skills, competition, trophies, or the prestige they get in playing. What sports teach kids about life are non-material things they will have learned. These are priceless and can even continue throughout their lives, and these are the best rewards they can get, and you to as a parent. Support your child in their love of sports, and help them become a well-rounded individual.

be the best athlete you can be using these exercises

5 Movements To Make You A Better Athlete

Are you an athlete who’s always been training to continually improve your skills in a certain sport?

Athletes never stop practicing and doing crossfit exercises to better enhance their performance. Different sports require different training. However, these training programs have a common theme: enhance muscles for speed, strength, and mobility.

Whether you are training for basketball, baseball, or other sports, especially those that involve running and agility, mastering these five movements can help you perform better and become an overall better athlete.

push ups is one of the most recommended exercises to become a better athlete

5 Movements To Make You A Better Athlete

1. Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most common types of exercises, whether it’s for athletes or not. It has always been used to gain stronger core muscles with both the upper and lower body. It also helps stabilize your body, which is very important in every sport. The U.S. military has been using this staple exercise for decades, so it must be a good one.

2. Chin-ups

This exercise requires your body to lift and move its own weight through a series of movements. In addition, chin-ups also help in developing your upper back muscles and forearms as well as enhancing the pulling power of your muscles. Be sure to perform the movement correctly to avoid injuries. You may watch training videos or hire a trainer to assist you in doing chin-ups for the first time.

3. Squats

Squats are simple, yet one of the most basic and effective ways to enhance the strength of your lower muscles, particularly the thigh, hamstrings, and glute muscles. Squats also enhance the strength and stability of your core muscles, as they are also used when performing the movement. Stronger and more flexible ankles are also developed, which is necessary for athletic training as the angles are usually affected when doing sports activities. A series of squats are essential for runners.

4. Burpees

The burpee is a good exercise that helps in building not only your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, but also your core, chest, triceps, and shoulders. The good thing about burpees is that it doesn’t require any equipment for you to do it, so you can perform the exercises outdoors or almost anywhere. Not only does it train your muscles to be fit and enhance strength and speed; burpees are an effective cardiovascular, aerobic exercise, too, helping to improve your overall fitness.

5. Turkish get-up

The Turkish get-up is a principal athletic movement that every athlete should master. The exercise aids in building torso stabilization and works marvelous on core strength. Aside from that, the bends and swings of the routine improve flexibility and mobility and build stability of the shoulders.

be the best athlete you can be using these exercises

Be the Best Athlete that You Can Be

An athlete never stops practicing and honing his/her craft. If you have missed all or some of these movements in your training, start incorporating these programs in your routine exercises from now on. Enhance your muscle strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability through these sets of athletic exercises.

With these movements, you will further improve your performance and become better in the field. Readjust your current program, add these moves and routines to become a better athlete and be the best athlete that you can be.